COOPSCO - Let's work together for a successful back-to-school season!

19 juin 2020 - Do you know the best place to get all your books, course notes and any other products you need as a student, from stationery to electronic accessories, worry-free?
The answer: at your CEGEP's co-op bookstore!

Since this won't be an ordinary back-to-school season, your co-op has taken extraordinary measures to prepare itself to serve you, regardless of the type of learning you'll be doing. Whether you're in person or at a distance, you can count on your co-op to help.
Our teams have taken all the necessary measures to resume business in strict compliance with health standards for both customers and employees. Health and safety are our top priorities.
This means that your cooperators are ready to serve you.
- Whether your educational institution announces that the new school year will take place in person or online, your bookstore will be open and set up according to health standards.

- Should your semester take place entirely remotely, we will also be online to serve you. Since the start of the summer semester, we have delivered thousands of packages throughout Quebec.
In person or remotely, you can count on your co-op to help you prepare for this exceptional back-to-school season.
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